IRRIGATION Design & Installation


Make the Health of Your Lawn and Gardens a Maintainable Priority

It’s frustrating and embarrassing to constantly battle a brown, crunchy lawn and dying plants in your garden.

Sprinkler system installations are an integral part of any healthy landscape in Kansas and we specialize in designing and installing sprinkler systems that meet the very specific and unique watering needs of your lawn and gardens.  We design our sprinkler systems to maximize coverage and minimize water usage by delivering precise, timed, watering to our clients’ properties using the latest in Rain Bird sprinkler technology.

Custom Irrigation and Sprinkler System Solutions for Any Situation

We can assist with residential and commercial irrigation systems, including:

Water Efficiency

Am I wasting water by installing sprinklers in my lawn and garden?

We will establish sprinkler zones so your sprinkler system discharges precise amounts of water for fixed periods of time depending on the particular needs of that section of your property.  This reduces water usage significantly while still keeping your lawns and gardens vibrant and healthy. Unique sprinkler heads direct water exactly where it’s needed so water isn’t wasted evaporating on hard surfaces like walkways and driveways.

When we design a sprinkler system for your yard, we evaluate where the plants and lawn is, calculate the total area, and determine how much water the plants need, how often, and how long. This is how the sprinkler zones are developed. The computer is programmed on timers to water each zone as needed each day.

This type of design process ensures that the most efficient amount of water is used to keep your lawn and gardens vibrant and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically do not need formal irrigation designs, however, if you would like a custom design we can for a $300 add-on.

Irrigation systems start at $7,000 for a 4-zone system and submersible pumps with installation costs $1,600. These sprinkler systems are estimated separately depending on the size, scope of work and equipment plus any additional features or add-ons needed for your property. Occasionally, custom plumbing work and/or an electrician is needed to power the system, which is at an additional cost.

We use Hunter and Rainbird irrigation systems which both come with manufacturer’s warranties.

Lead time for installation is approximately 4-6 weeks.

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