Landscape Design & Installation

Personalized Landscape Design so You Get a Yard You’ll Love

Here’s the best place to look for a fresh start to your yard. That can mean updating, renovating, or install new landscaping features that perfectly complements your home.  Many for our customers are interested in installing or expanding flower beds around their home, adding a colorful color palette to their beds, or making their landscape more maintainable.

Our Landscape Design services include:

Enjoy an Expert Consultation Experience

Our landscape design begins with our detailed consultation process. We know how important it is for you to beam with pride over your property, and we want to be sure we accurately capture your ideas so we can meet and exceed your expectations.

We have Master Gardeners on staff and are an experienced team of landscapers with an intricate knowledge of the processes, procedures, materials, and various plants that make up a beautiful landscape.

We know what plants thrive in our central Kansas climate. We give careful consideration to your available space, the position of any existing trees or hardscape features such as patios or decks, the distribution of sunlight, and more. We can work with your ideas and offer helpful suggestions from a uniquely experienced perspective. We can incorporate plants that work well in our climate, such as trees, shrubs, vines, flower plants, and grasses.

Drainage issues can cause premature erosion, property damage, damage to buildings and foundations, and they can be very expensive to repair. Our precise construction practices, plant expertise to utilize the right plantings, and detailed experience on causes and conditions of drainage issues can offer you a solution to your problem.

Our experience with amending grading issues is done with finesse and aided by our specialized equipment to make sure your property is graded so the final grade can match up with your existing fixtures and allow for the proper slope.

From the time we meet, until the time your project is complete, you’ll be sure to get an extraordinarily professional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial consultation, landscape design work is $300 for a 3D design with one change allowed. If more changes are needed, then extra fees will be discussed. Not all projects need or require a design.

Pricing depends on the scope of work, existing conditions, and the materials and plants selected. We will estimate the costs of installation based on the finalized design plan and can work with you to develop a design with a discussed budget range.

Lead time for installation is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Let’s Start Your Project

Our unique consultation process ensures we thoroughly understand and fulfill the goals of your project.