Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


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Never Worry About Yard Work Again

Maintaining a nice-looking yard is a huge investment in time and energy. Time that you might not have if you work full time, have a busy family life, or enjoy traveling, leisure or social time on the weekend. You don’t want to give up your entire Saturday (and maybe Sunday) each week trying to keep up with yard chores, nor do you want to maintain all the equipment needed to do a good job.

We have a solution for you to keep your yard looking its best while freeing you to spend your precious time in ways you really want.  Our full-service lawn and landscape maintenance plans keep your lawn and flower beds manicured, mulched, and fertilized so it’s always looking healthy and beautiful – no matter how busy your schedule is.

What can my Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Plan include?

If you’re interested in having our team care for your lawn and landscape on a recurring basis, we can develop a package that fits the frequency and amount of work that your property requires to keep it looking great.

Lawn Mowing – Our mowing team will cut your lawn on a weekly basis. Mowing will be followed by trimming around the garden and hardscape edges, then blowing out grass clippings from beds and hard surfaces. Each mow will result in a perfect, professionally striped cut.

Lawn Fertilizing – Lawns may need fertilization to restore nutrient-deficient areas in the lawn that cause them to turn brown or struggle to thrive. Our experienced Lawn Care professional will identify these areas and apply fertilization when and where it’s needed in the lawn
Bed Maintenance – Our gardeners will tend to your flower beds require regular attention to keep plants pruned and healthy. This would include trimming of trees, hedges, shrubs and bushes as needed. In Spring and Fall, they would also remove brush, organic debris, leaves and debris then cover beds with a fresh layer of mulch. Where needed, they would re-establish lawn and garden edging and refresh mulch.
Leaf Removal – Leaf removal isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s important to keep up with Fall leaves to prevent them from introducing pests and fungus to your lawn. Our team will collect and remove the leaves from your property, so you don’t have to worry about the time and energy of raking and removing them yourself.

We are unique to this area in offering such a thorough and reliable landscape and lawn maintenance package. If you are interested in discussing this level of service for your yard, please request a consultation with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, lawn mowing starts at $50 and fertilization starts at $60.  Lawn and Landscape Maintenance projects are estimated separately depending on the size, scope of work and materials plus any additional add-ons.

We only provide full service lawn maintenance (which includes lawn mowing and our 6-step fertilization). We are not able to accept clients for lawn-mowing only.

In most cases, we will be on site for mowing on a weekly schedule. Landscape maintenance schedule would vary based on the size and features of your yard. Our annual maintenance packages run Spring through Fall.

We will meet you at your property, discuss your goals, and produce a custom price and contract to maintain your lawn and landscape for the season.

Let’s Start Your Project

Our unique consultation process ensures we thoroughly understand and fulfill the goals of your project.