Retaining Wall Design & Construction

Make unusable yard space practical and beautiful

If you are looking to create flat, usable space in a sloped area in your yard, a retaining wall is a functional tool to help you build that space.  Strategic placement of retaining walls allow for development of patios, walkways, driveways, flower gardens and flat yard space that the existing grade doesn’t allow. We design and build custom retaining walls to fit our clients’ goals and purposes for their yard.

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Our Retaining Wall construction services can support:

A Professional Design and Construction Experience for Your Retaining Wall

We will take you through our detailed consultation and design process to ensure we are helping you achieve the ideas and vision you have for your yard.

Site Evaluation. First, we must evaluate and measure the existing grade, hydrology, and soil conditions of your yard in the proposed to determine the amount of excavation or fill necessary to install the retaining wall.

Drainage. We will determine the drainage needs that should accompany this the retaining wall. Improper placement of drainage elements is a major cause of the buildup of hydrostatic (water) pressure behind poorly built retaining walls, which results in failure and collapse. Utilization of the proper well-draining fill materials and drainage elements, like weep holes, French drains and pipe drains allows moisture to escape.

Design & Permitting. Retaining walls under 3 feet in height generally do not require an engineered design or permit. Retaining Walls 4 feet in height will generally require a permit. Construction of a retaining wall undergoes an engineered design and permitting if it is above 6 feet in height.  Each county and municipality may have different requirements and we will work with these agencies if necessary to obtain the appropriate permit.

We will work with you to select the best material for your retaining wall. Materials we offer include landscape block, timber, and natural stone.  These vary in pricing, color, and style and we will help you make a good choice to complement your home.


Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are a good solution for walls under 4 feet in height. They can be used to create curves and are a popular use in mid-century architecture, making them a commonly used material for Kansas homes.



Timber is a stylistic solution for walls under 4 feet in height. It creates a very natural look that may complement a home with a wooden exterior. Timber may not enjoy as long as a life span as blocks or stone because of its susceptibility to moisture.



Stone is a favorite medium for a beautiful, natural, and interesting look. Stone would be a more expensive option due to the technical work required to build the wall. The design is a good complement for colonial, country and English style gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial consultation, landscape design work is $300 for a 3D design with one change allowed. If more changes are needed, then extra fees will be discussed.

Retaining wall prices are estimated separately depending on the size, scope of work and materials plus any additional add-ons. Our minimal sized retaining wall projects start at 30ft in length by 2.5ft in height.

If a permit is necessary, we will work with the permitting agency to obtain it.

We typically use Belgard or Unilock for hardscape projects.

If there is a specific material you’d like to use for your retaining wall, please let our designer know during the consultation process and we will try to accommodate your request.

Lead time for installation is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Let’s Start Your Project

Our unique consultation process ensures we thoroughly understand and fulfill the goals of your project.